BOOK-FO-RUTH-WITH-LOVE-25-USExperts suggest that novice online craft sellers need to focus on the business aspect and also create a brand and product people will trust. 

Here are five tips for those who are thinking about launching their own craft shop online:



  1. When you offer a craft for sale online, you need to ensure you are listing the item with the best photo you possibly can. Crafts are unique and your photo has to show that. Also, be sure you spell-check your listings. You never ever want to list an item with errors in the descriptions.
  2. Be honest in your listing and don’t exaggerate. Always include exact size and weight measurements, and add color and materials information for your shoppers.
  3. When you sell online through Web shops and marketplaces it is extremely important to read their terms of service—and different sites will have different terms. There is nothing worse than wasting time creating listings only to have them removed because you didn’t abide by the terms of service.
  4. Create a story around your craft. This helps you give your work a story and bring it to life for shoppers. This will give customers a higher perceived value of your crafts.
  5. Always collect your customer’s contact information and build a customer list.  Down the road you can encourage more sales from shoppers who have already bought your product and who are familiar with your name and branding.

Selling crafts online is not just about sales. In order to truly be successful, it is believed that artists have to focus on building their brand and creating an Internet presence that shoppers can identify with.