In order to help you grab the concept of a VA, we’ve prepared a few questions to assist you. If you don’t see all your desired answers on this page, please click here to send us your question.

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A Virtual Assistant is a professional who helps you with tasks related to your small business or other personal and administrative tasks, via the internet. She works from her own home or office, and might live all the way on the other side of the world, but because everything she does for you is online, her location is irrelevant. Our VA lives in in Alaska, by the way!
Apart from the focussed availability of a VA, for a fraction of the cost of a full time executive assistant, you can access individualized and personalized service WITHOUT the added expenses usually associated with a new employee. You do not need to worry about equipment or technology costs, office space, health insurance, pension contributions or taxes.
We can take care of anything related to your website, blog, restaurant, shop, or small business, including editing and proofreading menus, printed material, correspondence, posts, managing comments, newsletter creation and distribution, social media marketing strategies, travel itineraries, email management, and so much more. You can see a list of our available services on our website.We also specialize in online book-keeping, billing and receipts management and blog and website design and maintenance, which means we can handle everything related to your website content and blogs (software and plugin updates included), which frees up your time to do what you do best – write and create great content and products!
Our ideal clients are busy professionals or executives who have become overwhelmed by the numerous routine and manipulative tasks creeping into their busy schedules from day to day, which distract them from their strategic and leadership assignments. We love clients who are looking for a long-term partnership, because experience has shown that the longer we work with a client, the better we get to know them and the more effective we can be at helping them achieve success in their professional and business efforts.
Yes, or maybe even better! Our VAs operate from FULLY EQUIPPED home offices. Their laptops and desktop equipment run on both OS X and Windows platforms, and include high resolution high speed printers, scanners, copiers, projectors, projection screens, tablets and smartphones, all in a high speed WiFi and wired unlimited bandwidth environment. All input devices can accommodate video conferencing and online training.
Take a look at our Services to get an idea of the variety of tasks we can handle for you. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s talk about it. We're certain we can put together a package of services that will meet all your needs.
We generally require a minimum 48 hour lead time before beginning new projects. We also highly recommend purchasing your Package and getting on our calendar as soon as possible.
Most of our packages require a 30 minute teleconference or phone consultation BEFORE we begin working with a new client. After that, we favor email and video-conferencing and prefer to communicate either way. We will respond within 1 business day to non-urgent emails, and to urgent emails as soon as possible. We also offer a weekly “catch-up” call or Skype session if you desire, just to stay in touch.
We create each package specifically to meet the individual client’s needs. Ongoing monthly packages start at US$300 and are largely determined by the number of tasks that are included, as well as the complexity of the tasks. Hourly rates will require negotiation, depending on the scope of the project, or range of services provisioned. Please contact us for details in this area.
No, we don’t require a contract but we do ask all clients to complete and sign an agreement that outlines the services we will be providing, our confidentiality code, and our agreed upon payment arrangements. It is not a contract that locks us into an ongoing relationship. Either of us is free to terminate our partnership at any time with a 2 week advanced written notice.
We do all billing online via Paypal, and invoices are sent monthly and are payable upon receipt. Please note that all sales are final and there are no refunds. If you become a Client by purchasing a recurring monthly package or service, we will send a DesignzPal invoice around the 24th of each month. It is up to you to pay the invoice by the due date in order to retain our services for the following month. New clients are invited to submit a Confirmation Fee of $150 which will be deducted from the first month's invoice. Please note that there is a US$10 late fee for any invoice that is paid more than 7 days after the due date. All transactions are quoted in USD. Special disbursement instructions are available for clients preferring offline payment arrangements.
Our team is available Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm AKDT. We are available on weekends (by special arrangements) but not on public holidays. If we are going to be unavailable for more than a day at a time (for example, when we take a vacation), you will be notified one week in advance so that you can plan accordingly.
Our partnership may be terminated at any time, by either party, with a 2 week written notice. Please note that if you terminate the partnership early, there are no refunds.