DesignzPal, alongside dedicated network of graphic, web and affiliated designers and media practitioners, is committed to producing quality designs and services, to meet your every design need.

Here’s a look at your Designz Pal.

Lynne G – Founder & Owner

Lynne has been developing websites for the past 18 years and has developed even wider experience in Logos, Graphic and Document design. Her portfolio includes several Word Press and html sites, as well as eCommerce and Blog sites. She is proficient in several programming languages (HTML, CSS, Java and Word Press) and is also fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese. She is currently Founder and Owner of the Alaska-based online business, Designz Pal.

As a general principle, the person who conceptualizes and initiates the designs often should be the one who finishes it, in order to encourage continuity. Therefore, as design coordinator, she produces the final designs and project drawings. This includes formulating all specifications of the projects in which the development or construction is to be performed.

Lynne is responsible for assisting in the formation of the productive team for the project. She also selects design consultants especially for large scale projects that require external contract services. Ultimately, hers is the responsibility to convey all project requirements and the necessary design criteria to all consultants involved.

A keen eye on the budget and timeline management also drives the creative and implementation processes. Virtually providing administrative, technical, analytical and strategic support and services to remote corporate clients for key high profile projects and events are other activities engaging Lynne’s attention on a regular basis.